Born in Perth, Western Australia, Leon Grey is an Australian Asian Actor.  Leon is currently starring as Steve, a gentle hearted and excitable character in a web series called Flatmates.

At the age of 10, after scoring the lead role as the class ratbag in a school play, acting has always been a keen passion.  For years Leon’s acting passion remained dormant while he persued his education earning a Bachelors degree in Electronic Commerce from Curtin University of Technology.  After university Leon commenced working for the major media companies in Australia; PBL Media, Fairfax Media and News Limited.  Leon’s passion for acting was reignited in 2009 when he commenced studying acting part time.

In 2010, Leon worked in various short films, feature films and performed voice over work for animations.

Leon enjoys kayaking and fishing and lives with his wife, Kirsty, and their three cats; Frodo, Bear and Inca.