Post Audition Blues

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Post Audition Blues

I had an audition for a TVC today, I really want the role as it’s a really fun character to play.  I received the script on Tuesday and the audition was today, Thursday.  I learnt both characters lines as I also wanted a shot at the lead.

For two days I memorised and rehearsed the lines 1000 different ways, saying the lines differently, using different facial expressions.  I even went out to buy a shirt to be more like my character.

I turned up to my audition 45 minutes early, this is my usual routine so I can calm myself down and go over my lines and also see if I can eves drop and hear how other actors are saying their lines.

I get lucky and I walk up to the studio and hear another actor doing their lines, I hear the feedback and process this information.  It’s for the lead character which I am not auditioning for but it’s good to understand how the casting guy gives feedback.

So I walk in and fill out all the usual forms, grab my white board and stand there while they take my photo.

I do my audition piece, receive feedback, adjust and do it a few more times.  It was at this moment the casting director says, “Is there anything else you would like to do?”  I stand there umming and ahhing, full well knowing that I wanted to give the lead character a shot, and for some reason I said ”nope, are you happy with my audition?“ He told me what he liked and thanked me for my time and I walked out mentally bashing myself with a pair of boxing gloves.

What the!!!! I froze and had a sudden loss of confidence.

I made peace with myself as I walked to the car, but as I drove home I started thinking what I could have done differently.  Suddenly all these amazing ideas came to me and then came the thought, “man you didn’t give 100% what gives?”

The thing is, I did give it 100%, I auditioned my heart out.

I always get this way after an audition, thinking to myself what I could have done better.

My therapy is writing this blog and praying that my audition piece was good enough, that’s all I can do.

I guess I’ll hear in the next few days, or with this industry I won’t hear and my life will go on as I search for my next audition.


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  1. Oh Leon. I hope your audition went well. The casting director did tell you what he liked so that is good. You felt you did well. Maybe you’ll get a call back. Anyway good luck!

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