Blowflies Ep1 – Check it out!

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Blowflies Ep1 – Check it out!

Hello Everyone

Blowflies – Episode 1 – The Dangers of Baking has been released.  Check it out here.

So I’ve done some bits ‘n’ pieces in the last few months to keep me going.  I was an extra in a Electoral Commission advertisement, which should launch possibly February 2013.  It was a fun shoot and I connected with some actors that I haven’t officially met before.

I also trained with a professional news reader in November to hone my skills in auto cue reading as well as general presenting to the camera.  It’s much harder than it looks and isn’t just simply reading the words on screen.  I’m still practicing my professional presenting voice as well as trying to pronounce my words properly.  The Australian accent is quite laid back and lazy in speech.  I have some great footage for my show reel.

I attended the Christmas Perth Film Networking Night a few weeks ago and had a great time networking with friends and new industry people.  I also had the opportunity to be Santa for the night which was a lot of fun.  The first photo is with actor Lauren Thomas and the second one with Loren Johnson giving Santa a piggyback.


Well that’s it for now.  Have a safe Christmas


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