Back to Chinese school

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Back to Chinese school

So I had a meeting today with a very important person in the acting industry and the subject of culture and language came up.

Ever since I can remember I have never really taken my Chinese culture too seriously, I’ve actually avoided it. I was born in Australia and never really thought that my Asian culture would be of benefit to me and for a long time I was proved right – throughout school I was teased about being Asian.  I really never felt part of any group, I wasn’t Asian enough to hang out with Asians and I wasn’t Australian enough to be Australian.

So here we are 2012 and after a few important discussions with industry people I’ve decided to develop an Asian accent and also learn Mandarin.

So this means I will be going back to school to learn everything about being Chinese and the culture.  I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts of how I can do this.

In other news, all the Blowflies episodes will be completed in the next few weeks, keep an eye on my Leon Grey Actor Page for updates.

Here’s something funny to conclude this blog. I had this crazy fan send me the video below.

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