Dropped the ball? Well kinda….

Dropped the ball? Well kinda….

Lost Focus? CHECK.  Become Lazy? CHECK. Put on weight? CHECK

So this is what has happened in the last few months.  It sort of creeps up on you like underwear and sometimes you just need to get on up there and yank it out.

I have been lucky in the past to have projects back to back that I haven’t had the time to train in my craft (it’s been over a year).  I’ve been a little complacent and comfortable and not pushing my boundaries, pressure from my other job isn’t helping either but I know the only way to have new growth is to go through the fire.  I know this works with the Australian Grass Tree or the non politically correct term “Black Boy” .  I just have to make sure it’s a controlled flame and not a petrol fueled flame like my wife’s Dad did to their Grass Tree, that died and never came back.

So with some focus, effort and dedication, I intend to come back as a person who will put themselves out of their comfort zone as well as shed those excess 30kg’s

So what triggered this action?  A couple of things actually, I went to my psychic last weekend and she said I was going through a spiritual and mental transition of sorts, and it wasn’t the most comfortable place to be in.  But I need to go through this because its all part of me stepping into my new level of consciousness.  Cool, this gave me a reason as to why I haven’t been in the best place mentally, physically and spiritually.  I think that by writing this blog I am coming to the end of this dark tunnel.

Secondly I watched a short that I filmed two weeks ago called “on gay marriage” and when I saw it I was horrified at how I looked. There’s nothing like a video of yourself to shock you into action. But I don’t want to take away from the message of the short and I do encourage you to watch and share it with your friends. You can see the short here.

Yesterday I had my first manicure experience, the girls at Foxy Nails Canning Vale were lovely and put me in a corner where no one could see me.  I have an audition on Saturday for my hands, yup my hands.  Face is terrible so just use the hands. Hahaha.  I’m just happy to have an audition.  Check out my nails!

To infinity and beyond!




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2 Responses to Dropped the ball? Well kinda….

  1. know *exactly* what you’re saying here, leon.
    kinda why i’m a director and not an actor, eh?
    i couldn’t bear to watch myself…so i get where you’re coming from.
    maybe this is the ‘before’ picture, eh?
    doesn’t matter tho.
    you’re a beautiful person…and it’s bleeding obvious.

  2. Awesome Leon!! Can’t wait to catch up and help you out!!

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