TVC for Mental Health South Australia

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TVC for Mental Health South Australia

I just arrived back home last night from a 10 day holiday in Singapore.  I saw ‘WICKED’ for the third time and this time I had front row seats in the centre.  It great to be able to see the actors faces close up and watch their expressions and emotions as they performed.  I also had the opportunity to see Jemma Rix (Elphaba) get greenified at one of the shopping centres. David Harris (Fiyero) was the MC and Elisa Colla (Nessarose) was also in the makeup chair getting a ‘WICKED’ inspired look. In my next blog post Ill expand on my holiday but this short post is to show you my first ever TVC.

I had filmed a television commercial (TVC) in December for Mental Health South Australia and knew that it was to be released in Feburary 2012. I had been searching for it for weeks and on the 7th night in Singapore I found it on Youtube.  Im very excited as it will be broadcast on TV in South Australia and there will also be bus shelter advertising, billboards and a radio campaign.

(Drumroll please)



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