It’s not just about you…….or is it?

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It’s not just about you…….or is it?

Well here we are in 2012 with my first blog entry and things have certainly been progressing.  The Blowflies team filmed a few scenes at my house last weekend and I had the great opportunity to watch Ben Chau and David Partridge perform.  It’s amazing  how much you learn from watching other actors.  I filmed a short scene myself and also did a couple of improvised promo scenes.  Blowflies will be out in Feb/ March 2012.

With the Blowflies webseries winding up I have signed on to a new webseries called, “And Several Butchers’ Aprons”.  I look forward to meeting the cast and crew and we start filming in March through to early April.

Lately I have been thinking about the film industry, in particular about Perth actors and if they value helping others or if they are solely focused on their own career.

Acting is such a competitive business and sometimes its easier not to tell other actors about casting calls and auditions to reduce the competition.

Personally I am all about helping other actors, if I see a role that matches an actor I know I would always tell them about it.  I have been on the receiving end myself with friends like Jessica Hegarty and John Mcpherson alerting me to roles that I could audition for.

So to all my acting friends who are all about teamwork, thanks, I look forward to returning the favour one day.


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