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Mile High Blogging

I wrote this blog entry while I was sitting on the plane travelling to Sydney in mid December. As usual my procrastination took over and so here I am posting it on the 26th of December after chowing down on Christmas day left overs. So before I get to cutting and pasting this blog post in I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2012!

Location: Qantas Flight – QF 582

So I’m writing this blog post on a flight from Perth to Sydney. Its been quite a while since my last post and this is a habit I intend to break in 2012. I plan to write shorter entries more frequently.

This week I filmed a TV commercial for South Australian Health. It was my first experience being a lead actor and definitely was an experience I want to have again. We wrapped after 6 hours of straight filming. I was utterly exhausted and crashed in bed at 3:00pm.

The last time I felt that buggered was in November when we filmed Blowflies for 4 full days. It was a great experience to work with Perth talents, Samantha Zinner, Anita Barnes, Alyson walker, Jackson Wimhurst and Rose Mckenna. Of course I cant miss out on the very talented writer, director and producer Jonny Walker, who was also the creator for past web series Flatmates.  There are a few bits and pieces that we have to film for Blowflies and I hope to see it released in February / March.

I’m taking a few breaks between writing this entry and I have just watched Inside the Actors Studio with Bradley Cooper.    His passion for the craft and his openess is refreshing, I love Inside the Actors Studio, it never fails to make me want to work harder and push myself further.

I really want to have that feeling where I gave  everything in a performance and left a piece of myself behind.  Thinking about it gives me chills and I actually feel a little terrified.  I guess its a journey that I need to make as this is my only path to becoming a professional actor.

I found something quite interesting the other day and wanted to share with you.  I typed in, “actorsnow” into Google and I found that my name actually appears below.  I’m not sure how that happened but its great exposure for me. Check it out on the photo for this blog entry.

Well I hope to blog again soon, have a safe holiday break.

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