Why be an actor?

Why be an actor?

Last week in class, I was asked what triggered me and made me want to become an actor.  I was embarrassed by my real answer, so made something up on the spot.  After some reflection I figured that my real answer isn’t so bad, because my reasons have changed now.  As I learn more about the craft, the more I want to be an actor for different reasons.

So I’m guessing you want to know why I started acting, ok……here goes….. I started acting because I wanted to be on a Good Guys TV commercial.  I still really want to do this, but now my reason for acting is much larger than just being on a TV commercial.

For those of you that haven’t seen a Good Guy’s TV commercial check out the video below.

So now that I have told you why I started acting, I would like to know about that moment that made you want to be an actor.

Over to you!

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  1. Eh, hardest question to answer in the world, here is my best shot.

    My reason for starting acting changes all the time. Well, no, the reason I want to stay in this INDUSTRY changes all the time.

    I never wanted to be an ACTOR per-say, you know, go to LA and make the big bucks, take drugs and drop dead at the ripe old age of 32.

    Even now, after doing courses and working on shorts I don’t want to be an ACTOR. I just want to be in this industry. Mainly as a coach, or a techie. And yeah, if I am blessed enough with the chance a BE-ER. (Not an actor or performer. I don’t want to give those cardboard days-of-our-lives performances)

    I started in the creative industry after I left school, in community theatre in the Wheatbelt. Previous to that I had done some drama in Primary School but it wasn’t a subject offered on a weekly basis (sorry, just had to go jump in the pool with my sister, where was I?!)
    We had a touring group come to school and encourage us to paint and dance and act in a performance and that is where I fell in love. I remember telling a teacher that is what I wanted to do and her letting me know that was probably not going to happen.

    Didn’t really do drama in Highschool Got roped into YOHFEST and suddenly everything clicked again, you know, that euphoria of creating something with your body?

    That is what I love. The fact that what is in my head suddenly gets to exist in the real world, that is why I am involved in a bazzillion different types of arts, that is why I want to teach it, because nothing is more freeing than taking your crazy ideas out of your brain and giving them to others.

    I don’t think it matters if you act, write, draw, sing, dance, teach, busk, or chalk on pavements, if you have an idea, just get it out!!

  2. Wow..what a question hey? 😛

    When I was a kid me and my best friend would literally set records as to how many plays we could make up and perform to the ‘adults’ before our visit was up. Needless to say although each play was a masterpiece to us..others weren’t so impressed.. I also have videos of the camera being turned on me as a kid and seeing the dumbfounded look on my face as I thought (and usually failed) of something entertaining to say to the camera. I even used to (embarrassingly) give out cards to family and friends that I’d signed from ‘Famous Jessica’ to keep for when I ‘made it big’ >.<

    However I don't know there was ever a point when I 'decided' I wanted to be an actor.. It was just as much a part of me as the need to breath. I did use to want to to be an author and artist too..before I realised I was just awful at those things, and already had a way of telling a story & being creative that was much more natural to me..acting!

    I think another key reason I enjoyed (and still do enjoy) acting was because it allowed me to be, and explore what is involved in being someone totally different to myself. The person I would perhaps be too shy, or too afraid, or too horrified to be as Jessica. I know that this is a career that will continue to challenge and interest me for the rest of my life..I mean no two days are the same!.. and if I don't 'make it big' that's not so big a deal anymore.. as long as I have the means to do this for the rest of my life I'm happy :)

  3. Oh, and Leon? You are infinitely cooler than everyone on the Good Guys Advert.

    However, I feel a parody coming on.

  4. Ok so its quite embarrassing, well i suppose the real beginning was when one of my good friends said to me “OMG Kristy you have to read this book i’ve got its sooo omg amazing” turns out the book was “twilight” (ok ok i know what your all thinking) so yes i starting reading and was instantly infatuated with Edward Cullen (hmmmm!!), i was late to work for the next few weeks because i couldn’t put this book down!! Then the movie came out Robert Patterson made me even more obsessed lol. but I’m not sure exactly what part of the movie it was but i was watching and i just thought I Can Do This!! so there it is it’s out there omg how shameful!!

    Prior to this i had been involved in stage acting and already had the BUG but it was then i thought about screen acting, since then i have learnt more about the industry and craft and am 100% hooked. Why i want to be an actor has definitely changed! but i must admit i am still in love with Edward Cullen lol. May we all always keep learning and enjoying :)

  5. Dude a personal invite to reply? How could I resist.
    I’ve always performed. Muso, Stand up, Radio, MC I didnt act seriously until I had given all that away.
    My earliest desire to act was watching ‘Lady and the Tramp’. Boy I wanted to voice a siamese ” we are siamese if you ple ease, we are siamese if you DON’T please”
    But I am more write than Director, more a Director than actor but cannot live without at least 3 worthwhile roles a year. Like Restare Unite, Militant, Arsenic…loved them. AND of course Spike and Harold!

    There ya go old son. Look forward to working with you again soon!


  6. I’ve always wanted to be an actor since I can remember.

    I think my love of acting and movies came from my mum. You see when I was growing up my mum would take us to the movies pretty much every day during the school holidays. We would see most movies on and some even twice. I think all the money over the years we would of put into Greater Union Movie Theatre we probably own a theatre. I remember going back to school and always having to not let all the other children know that I saw like 20 movies that school holidays…haha.

    I remember a couple of my early childhood movie experiences. One being “My Girl”. That movie really got to me and I could relate to the main character who was a little girl about the same age. I remember crying when her best friend died. I think this was one of those moments where I decided I wanted to act and make other people cry.

    Growing up with three brothers we also played movies where we each picked an actor and made a pretend movie in the backyard.I remember playing Woopi Goldberg a lot as she was one of my favourite actor’s growing up. We pinched my dad’s video camera from his work on the weekend and then started filming them.

    In between theses experiences growing up my love for acting grew. Doing classes and getting experiences turned into a passion for a career as an actor.

  7. Where do I begin. LOL.

    People often ask me how I started acting and when I tell them the story they think it’s kinda cool but I guess I just thank my Dad for Guiding me uknowingly to something that would change my life forever.

    When I was in year 12 I did TEE, about half way through year 12 i realised that I didn’t want to go to uni anymore, I just couldn’t study anymore it had never been my strong point. At the end of the year I graduated High School and was proud of that but I had no idea in the world what I was going to do anymore.

    so I went to my Dad for advice. I said to him dad I have no idea what I want to do anymore you have to help me decide. He said to me go into your room and write a list of all the things you have ever wanted to do in your life no matter how ridiculous it is or how probable it is. And then I want you to go through the list and cross of anything that you don’t want to do anymore or that is not probable, and then come and tell me what your going to do.

    So I spent a while in my room and wrote my list and crossed all this stuff out and the first thing that I had wrote on my list and that I hadn’t crossed out was Actor. when I came out he said so what are you going to do and I said I’m going to be an actor. He took it quite well actually as I think we were both in a bit of shock because I had never done anything to do with acting before.

    My dad then said after a little bit of soaking it in. Ok, and what are you going to do to make it happen, I said I had no idea, so he sent me back into my room and said google it and see what you get. Funny enough the first thing I found was World Wide Screen Actors online 3 day workshop. To be honest the rest is history. Lol. After the first night of that workshop I knew it is what I was meant to be doing.

    I do acting because it makes me truly happy, and allows me to express my creativity, and being on set is like no other thing in the world, to be surrounded by people who explode with the same amount of passion as you is indescribable.

    Hope that answers the question.

    Lizzy. :) xo

  8. I want to be an actor because it fulfills my desire to be creative and express myself, plus I get to socialise with interesting people on facebook. :-)

  9. Why be an actor?

    Do not ask yourself this question when you have just read that bad review, when you’ve just been criticised despite giving it your best shot, when you’ve worked long hours for next to nothing (well, OK nothing at all!) or before that, when you’ve simply been turned down for the part. Except… that is exactly when you will ask yourself – why? Why do we do this?! It is the most logical time to ask the question.

    You get your answer on the other side of it all. When you hear the applause, when you read that rave review, when you get paid for doing something you enjoyed and probably would have done for the love of it alone and when you’ve nailed that audition and you know it.

    For me, the realisation happened very early on – school plays, competitions, performing musically. I knew it was what I enjoyed doing most. Nothing compared. But years later “logic” was still holding me back while I pursued a “real job”.

    The moment when I actually made the decision to become an actor was when I admitted to myself that it was what I’d wanted all along and that the only thing stopping me was the risk of going after it at all costs.

    I couldn’t keep holding back until the timing was right and as soon as I believed I could handle all the worst case scenarios and accepted that I would have to take the good with the bad, I suddenly had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The last six months or so have been awesome!

    Sure… hard work, rejection, frustration and fear are still hurdles to overcome every day, but every time you come home at night with a smile on your face and that urge to sing out loud – you know that YOU couldn’t get that feeling from any other job in the world. And THAT, is why you do it.

    – Jonathan

  10. Just my 5c worth! 😉

    Well done on a great website too, Leon. Nice job!

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